Believe it or not.. Adolf Hitler still alive!


    Hitler’s  ghost is still chasing the world. News sources publish claims that Hitler is still alive that he lives in Argentina.


    People fell into the trap of false news, assuming that Hitler was still alive so he was more than a hundred


    It is impossible to logically .. And yet, looking for the news about the survival of Hitler alive passionately .. Do not deny that Hitler was one of the influential figures in the world.

    There are many reasons why people are worried about it


    When  it revealed reality of Mr Gunthenberg after scaled back Mossad (Israeli intelligence service) of his presence after the Nazis chase him last year


    It was claimed that Hitler did not kill himself but escaped from a secret passage to his military plane convinced the world that he had died a suicide.


    “Hunting Hitler” is the documentary ‘s film that causes confusion among people. This film claims that Hitler now has hidden far away to a secret camp in Argentina, preparation for the reconstruction of his Reich.

    It did not end there. Hitler still occupies minds and intrigues the world. A news website published a photograph of Hitler proving he was still alive and living in Brazil
    Where a picture of him with his girlfriend Cotinga has been published proving he is alive not a self-murder and he lives in Nossa Senhorado Livramento as “the old German city.

    Logically, how could this Nazi leader be still alive and supposed to reach 128 years of the year, the biggest six years of the oldest man on the ground?

    Written by: BuzZ



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