The world’s cutest amphibian..The desert rain frog

desert rain frog


The Desert Rain Frog is of the frog family Microhylidae species which stays in a narrow strip of the desert shores in the subtropical habitat of Namibia or South Africa. It has short limbs, a puffed up look and eyes that protrude out of its head. They are fully adapted to the harsh desert habitat and spend the most time in the underground sand which is cool and moist. These amphibians are popular for their toy- like appearance as well as making unusual squeaking sounds whenever alarmed.

Alongside their cute appearance, these frogs have differently adapted flanges on the back feet that they use to dig back into the sand. They have a small patch of belly that is transparent and also contains several blood vessels which they use them to absorb water from the soil. Sadly, these small creatures are threatened by loss of habitat through diamond mining and road constructions.

Name: Einsten



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