Pope Francis Wins Charlie Gard’s Parents More Time

Pope Francis Wins Charlie Gard's Parents More Time

Pope Francis has been carefully observing the situation of Charlie Gard, a ten-month-old suffering from a mitochondrial disease that causes brain damage and muscle weakness. The Vatican on Sunday issued a statement that Charlie’s condition saddened the pontiff and that he was praying for the family to be allowed to accompany their child for a trial therapy in the US.

The statement came after the parents of the sick child had lost an appeal they had filed to the ECHR so that they could be allowed to take the child to America for the therapy. The ruling of the court indicated that it was just for the doctors to withdraw the treatment given that Charlie would endure major harm should his treatment be prolonged further without any promising improvements.

Pope Francis is actively advocating that the parents of Charlie Gard be allowed to do whatever it takes to treat their child. Even though the decision of the ECHR is a blow to the family, Charlie’s parents have not given up hope that their child will receive treatment in the near future.

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