Trump of the most American presidents desires to hang around with celebrities. Where he became a good relations base before he became president of the United States of America,  including pop star Michael Jackson. Trump still calls Jackson “a very good friend of mine”

That news was not important until Donald Trump became the 48th president of the United States. Now the old relationship between the US president and the king of pop should be revealed.
Both did not know that the relationship would begin in March 1988, when the couple met while Jackson was performing a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City.


*Among the secrets not known between Jackson and Trump is the presence of the King of Pop permanently in the opening of all the businesses of billionaire businessman Donald Trump, notably the world’s glitziest casino, the Taj Majal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Where Jackson promised to be next to his friend at any time needed.

*Tramp had an impression of Jackson talking about him later. He described him as low-key and how this person becomes like the moon amid the stars when the stage rises. Jackson’s association with Trump existed many years ago when Trump had nothing to do with politics. Michael Jackson was not allowed to judge the controversial ideas of the US president.

*One of the secrets of friendship between the two friends is the story of Jackson’s loss to his best friend, Ryan White, 18, who has suffered from AIDS. Jackson was on the verge of visiting Ryan White to support him in his illness. Before going in minutes to ride the plane, Jackson told Ryan White that he had died. Jackson grieved a lot and decided to travel with him by private jet to Cicero in a motorcade of three limousines and several police vehicles.

*Trump was next to a friend at all times where Trump and his future wife, Marla Maples, accompanied Jackson and he was awarded an award for his efforts to help economically disadvantaged children.

*During the crisis that Michael Jackson was subjected to after accusing him of molesting the child behind him, Jackson moved to New York City to work on his next album. Trump was supporting him in that ordeal.
Jackson paid $ 110,000 a month to rent a 4-bedroom apartment near the top of the Trump Tower, higher than Fifth Avenue in downtown Manhattan. Apartment

Written by: BuzZ



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