Does the Reddit’s user be threatened?

    Does the Reddit's user be threatened?

    The Reddit’s user apology today caused discontent widespread controversy.  When he apologized for the video that was re-published again now-famous video showing Trump body-slamming the CNN logo.


    The apology on old video was not expected after his clear stance, which caused a sensation through Twitter tweets for the second time despite its release in advance. CNN has announced that it is the black day for journalists to be persecuted by current US President Donald Trump.


    The Reddit’s user apologies were simple and powerful. He said:


    – I apologize to Reddit users for the lengthy words I’ve spoken on social networking sites criticizing the president’s video. Where she was racist and anti-Semitic was not only apologizing to Reddit users but also to CNN


    – “I am not racist,” Solo said. “It was not my nature, I respect everyone in this community of the US and elsewhere.My Americans as better than that.


    – Solo went on, calling trolling an “addiction” and urging other Redditors to reject bullying.


    – Solo said: Our first goal in American society is protected journalists against any violence they face during their work.


    Everyone criticized the work of Sarah Huckabee Sanders as she focused her efforts on defending Trump when she said: “he had never done so”, instead of focusing on the upcoming confrontation that would bring nearly meeting with Russian President “Vladimir Putin”.



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