Why all that fuss about Barbie Black?


Whether you are a receptor or not, this thunderstorm after returning to its work makes it one of the most distinguished characters to look around the world.

  • That girl who broke all natural barriers because of the color of her skin made the beauty of other standards did not see the eyes of the world. Brown skin, dark gloomy hair, wonderful body like Barbie It is the southern Sudanese beauty that this girl inadvertently showed in front of the world.
  • This is not the first appearance of Duckie where she wore her brown skin in the world when she was 17 years old. She was met with a stormy criticism of how to be that skin and work as a model.
  • But she won the best season of Australia’s Next Top Model in 2013 when she was 17th.
  • Followed by thousands of fans through Instagram but disappeared for two years, And now she returned with a storm of admiration that no one can deny.


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