Tip. Don’t mess with the giant!

Harpy Eagle

Aroused those picture posted for this giant bird with the one great controversy is the biggest in the world. You’re already dazzled but you don’t want to play with it.

Harpy Eagle of raptors that provoke fear in the soul when you see it. Let alone and is the largest in the world.

  • Know the size of Giant Eagle Harpy Eagle to volume 42 inches long.
  • Harpy Eagle, impressive appearance evokes in you for glory and power.
  •  Bringing along the wing her wing reaches a record 7.5 feet Weigh 20 pounds.
  •  Increasing this size doubled in case it’s  female.
  •  When we talk about its claws record  3-4 inches long that is the same size of grizzly bear claws!
  •  In the case of hunting the Speed up to 50 mph.
  •  Native Panama found in the forests of South and Central America Challenges in the old monkey fishing Eagle weight 17 pounds.
  • The point is, don’t mess with this bird and never get on their nerves


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