7 Real Life Deaths Caused by Fidget Spinners



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The flare that the generation has led right now is not unknown to anyone of any age and that is FIDGET SPINNER. From the name itself it gives such an appeal to buy it and use t. While some use it for releasing stress, others use it for some bizarre experimentation. But can fidget spinner lead someone to bleed to death? Here are 7 people who died due to fidget spinner.


1. Mcgeill Neil

Neil’s family was taken aback after knowing the reason why their young son bled to death and it was nothing other than an experiment which Neil carried out without precautions. He died due to excessive blood loss after the spinner sliced his lower abdomen.

2. Brendan Anderson

The 16 year old teen was shot to death in his sleep by his own younger brother when he took away his spinner due to an argument over TV a day earlier that made his brother furious enough to shoot him right in his head two times and killing him with the help of his father’s handgun that he found in his father’s drawer.


3. Alex Taran

After getting his fidget spinner, he decided to make it more deadly and added pieces of small knife at the end of the loops of spinner. With just a single spin after adding the blades, he sliced his main artery due to low knowledge in the field of weaponry , leading him bleed to death.



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