Top 5 most tragic and horrific theme park accidents caught on camera. 


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An amusement park is supposed to be a place to steam off and have a break from your daily routine. Everything is all fun and games until something goes wrong. The food, the fun, and the cheers suddenly turn to screams. Theme park rides are no exception from these accidents. The only constant thing is there will always be a camera rolling somewhere. Here are the top 5 most tragic accidents in a theme pack caught on Camera


1. Russian Ferris wheel kills a child.

6-year-old Sasha plummets to the ground off a Ferris wheel. At the start of the video, he tries to change seats with a friend and loses balance. He is seen to be clinging on to his seat, but halfway through it all he loses grip and falls to the ground hitting the steel supports several times. He eventually succumbs to his injuries.


2. The roller coaster from hell.

In this video from Disney world, a roller-coaster is going all well until it goes off its rails. The carriage breaks of mid-air and launches like a projectile to the ground. One can almost hope that no one dies from the crash given the screams in the video.


3. Japanese Swing ride collapses on users.

In this graphic video, a swing ride that functions well suddenly comes off its center throwing its riders to the ground. Events take a turn for the worst when the almost 5-tonne wheel hits the ground and throws one of its users up in the air. This video shows why it is important for machinery to be tested once in a while.



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