10 Most Shocking Accidents Caught On Camera


1. Boat tipping

The accident occurs in 2014 in California when an 80 foot long blue whale hit and capsized a 21 foot boat carrying 2 whale watchers on San Diego coast. While one of the cameras was capturing the whole experience, a blue whale launched into the boat causing it to capsize. Luckily, the two were rescued by another boat that was nearby.

2. Flipping out

In 2016, a business surveillance camera captured a car going airborne and then rolling across the streets of Florida. There was a fire breakout but no one was hurt. Luckily, he driver was pulled out alive and taken to hospital

3. Helmet cam

This footage was recorded by a camera located on the helmet of a motorcyclist Kevin Thomas Quirk. A van turned across the path of the motorcyclist knocking the helmet to a position where it was able to capture the whole scene. Quirk survived the deadly accident and the van driver found guilty of reckless driving.


4. Escalator fall

Alexis Dixon, a 12 year old was playing on an escalator in a mall when she lost grip and fell. The accident could have caused an imaginable damage was it not for mark Maloy who caught her just in time as recorded by a security camera

5. Falling under

The accident occurred in china when a 3 year old girl fell in the gap between the platform and the train while the train was about to start. Luckily, an employee managed to get the train not to move as the girl was removed from the deadly trap



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