Top 10 Strangest Holes on Earth



Here we have top 10 giant and strangest holes present at some astonishing sites on earth. These are some incredible and spectacular holes on the earth.

1. The Oak Island Money Pit-

It was found in 1795 in Canada where it was mystery that there was treasure in the island. So the island was dug for about 130ft. deep in search of treasure which gave it a name Money Pit.

2. Derinkuyu

It is the massive manmade crave system carved out over rocks at about 3000 years ago in Central Anatolia region of turkey. It is also known as the Underground City.

3. The Devil’s Sinkhole

This 350ft. deep hole is the Texas National Natural Landmark. It is the home of one of the largest colony of Mexican free tailed bats.

4. Monticello Dam Hole

It is the 304 foot deep concrete hole in the Napa County, California. This is the largest spill hole and also known as the Glory hole.



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