The Best 3D Printing Services in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has, over the last decade, risen to become a technology hub of India. It has become one of the first destinations for investors and tech-related firms looking to establish and run successful projects. As the current scenario shows, some of the biggest names in technology and e-commerce have chosen the city as their base location. This also paves way for emerging technologies like 3D printing which have seen stupendous growth and have gained momentum in the city. It will only be a matter of few years before half the operations and industries in Hyderabad switch over to this additive manufacturing process. The world works on experimentation and risks, trying new methods or techniques to enhance pre-existing technologies or to create new ones. 3D printing in Hyderabad does just that.

We can already see several service providers for 3D printing that supply great equipment and assistance. They work keeping your ideas in mind to create prototypes required to test a new idea, or to share with investors. Companies are now opting to teach the young about the basics and advantages of the new printing methodology required for a project’s success.

One of the leading companies, which is also a one stop destination for all your queries regarding 3D printing is 3Dexter. After immense success in Delhi and Bangalore, it comes to Hyderabad with an intricately designed curriculum for schools. Young minds are very susceptible and can easily adapt to change. If they are trained well in 3D printing now, it not only unleashes their creativity but aids them in getting a better understanding of general subjects. 3Dexter is already working with some renowned schools of Hyderabad like ‘Chirec International School’, ‘Candor Shrine School’, ‘Pallavi Model School’(3 branches) and the ‘International School of Hyderabad’ and has received great response. They aim to spread this network to many more educational institutions in the tech city by providing them with the best mentorship and services.

Involving 3D printing at a young age helps kids in visualizing and understanding conventional concepts better. It nurtures their interest and spawns the next generation of engineers, architects, and creators. , The aim is to give them an edge in the future, to solve major problems for the world at large, and to meet the demands of the organizations they will be associated with or leading. 3D printing has exceptional uses in a large number of sectors, but the most innovative and revolutionary use is in the field of education.

3Dexter believes that educating a child is much more fruitful than providing the same skillset to an adult. Kids are exposed to real life projects and the technology boosts their critical thinking, creativity and approach to problem solving techniques. Thus, if you are looking for high quality 3D printing equipment that suits your purpose, an intelligently designed modern curriculum and hi-tech 3D labs taking over traditional computer laboratories, then 3Dexter is just for you. Do reach out and contribute in our mission to make Hyderabad a 3D print-friendly, modern educational sphere.

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