5 Questions to Ask While Hiring an SEO Consultant

If your website isn’t ranking on the first page of the search results, then consider it dead. You are bound to lose upon huge chunk of your potential customers.  Improved search engine visibility can prove crucial in boosting the website visits leading to bagging high sales and profits.

Pondering excessively or being skeptical will only curtail the chances of improving your website’s ranking and making a mark among your competitors.  At such a crucial stage, lacking technical expertise will only worsen up the situation. It is sensible to hire an experienced and trustworthy SEO consultant.

Here are the 5 questions you should ask while hiring prospective SEO consultants:

  • May I have a glance at your current and past projects?

The reputed SEO consultants are open about everything and will be eagerly sharing the list of clients for you to gauge out effectiveness of the SEO person and their ability to deliver results.

  • Can you guarantee my website will achieve number 1 ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo?

This is the climax, where you need to remain conscious about the SEO consultant’s answer. If he readily says yes then it is the warning bell to debunk it without a second thought.  As of the fact, it is impossible to assure someone of number one ranking on any search engines. Although, some SEO consultants boast of it for seeming promising to the clients and only the search engines can control the rankings not a consultant.

  • Do you follow Search Engine Webmasters guidelines?

The penalty would be last thing you desire from a consultant.  For avoiding into falling in the trap, you require a consultant who strictly abided by the Google webmaster guidelines which specifically prohibits 12 common SEO tricks. If your website fails to follow any of the guideline, then it is subjected to be penalized by the Google or worse, can be banned for ever.

  • How will you improve my search engine rankings?

The Consultants who refrain from freely discussing their methods in detail, you need to remain steer clear of them. An ideal consultant’s proposal will include, website audit, on page optimization, improving internal linking structure, Optimizing URL and developing web page titles, headings and tags.

  • What are your terms of payment?

How much the services will cost is probably the most important question while hiring a consultant. You should ask how much he will be charging an on what basis. A consultant charges either on hourly basis or project basis. Consultants serving small business often charge less per month and hour. Enquire about whether the consultant charge for contract termination and ask them to specify it in the written contract.

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