5 Simple Steps to Improve the Testers’ Performance

Software testing today is as important as any other component of a software product lifecycle. Performance and quality testing are some types that are absolutely mandatory to ensure the success of a product. However, companies need to understand that the place of testers in their team is as important as any other employee involved in the process. Hence, they have to pay close attention to how the testers are performing and the measures to be taken that would help them optimize their work performance and get them to be as productive as possible during the various phases alternating between developments and testing.

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Most companies do not have enough resources to hire many testers working in their projects. Hence, they have to make do with the limited work done. However, it is possible to form a team of skilled testers who can fill that void and get the product out as per deadlines. You have to start off by finding testers with a well-defined skill set. You can hire a software tester and assign him tasks and review how he functions. In this article, we will list out some methods by which you can bring out the best in a software tester.

1. The best way to understand and gauge a tester’s competence is by assigning him alone for one project. This way, the learning curve is steep and rapid. It will increase the domain knowledge, and they will improve at writing improved test cases in turn being able to solve problems faster.

2. Provide consistent training to the testers. While some of them might be experts in performance testing or BV testing, they might not be great at understanding test coverage or test the complete product. Regular training in various aspects of testing will help widen their spectrum of knowledge and make them better testers.

3. Make testers a part of the discussions and meet from the very beginning of the software development phase. They will understand the product better and learn to deal with pitfalls and shortcomings in a much comprehensive manner. In addition, they will be able to point out potential flaws and bugs in the system during the development phase itself. Thus, avoiding unnecessary coding to eliminate errors.

4. Keep them as involved as possible. Encourage them to take part in various activities that will help them be good testers. They can also have fun interactive sessions and knowledge transfers with testers coming with varied skills sets.

5. On-demand testing is a great tool for testers to learn and improve their comprehensiveness in the field. Alternatively, to improve your testing team’s performance, get freelance QA testing professionals to add value to the team.

It is also important for the company to give their testers enough freedom to work in the methods they are most comfortable with instead of slapping a strict protocol which might reduce their productivity. Smart software testing holds a crucial part in the success of a software product.

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