7 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy and Make Your Skin Healthy

The key to a long life is paying attention to your health. The changing lifestyle and environmental factors have changed various rules for how to lead a healthy life and keeping yourself updated with these are important. The principles for a great life remain the same- healthy food, regular exercise, and a stress-free lifestyle. This will make sure your mind and body stay healthy and it reflects through a glow on your skin. In fact, our skin is an indicator of our overall health and to achieve fabulous and flawless skin you will need to bring a healthy balance to your overall health. Here are 7 ways to ensure your body and skin are well fed with all nutrients required to keep it fresh and healthy.

Food to stay healthy

1. Being a picky eater could be good: Being a picky eater could be a good attitude if you pick the right foods which will lead your way to good health. The current lifestyle lures you with foods filled with saturated fats, brimming with sugar and various chemicals that turn out to be harmful to your health. The culture of consuming fast foods has spread across the world and it is hard to regularly eat good nutritious meals.

The secret to good health is choosing the right kind of foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, greens etc. which directly influence your skin and overall health. These foods are filled with nutrients and minerals that will help in the healthy functioning of the various organs in our body. Nutrients such as omega-3s are essential for the body which are available only from rare sources of food such as fishes, hemp etc. So plan a smart meal that includes dairy, meat etc. which can deliver various essential components apart from the foods mentioned above to your body. These foods will also help detoxify the effects of chemical build-ups in the body that are the by-products of unhealthy food habits. It will uproot any chances of breakouts and leave your skin well nourished. Include antioxidant-rich foods such as berries to keep your skin looking youthful.

2. A good night sleep can do miracles: Just like how our diet can directly influence our health, our sleep patterns and duration also has a deep relation to it. A recent study claims that people who have less than 7-8 hours of sleep per night might experience depression and anxiety related symptoms. During our sleep, our body uses the nutrients provided to it to perform proper healing. This duration is necessary for the body to reboot the energy required for the following day to perform various activities. Lack of proper sleep may lead to low concentration levels, fatigue, loss of appetite etc.

A proper sleep of 7-8 hours per day is mandatory for good health. Good sleep also reflects on the health of your skin. Lack of sleep will lead to dark circles and tiredness visible on your face. Your skin might feel badly nourished and dull due to lack of rest and hence ensure you have enough sleep every day.

3. A dose of physical activity every day can change everything: Physical activity is the key to keeping your body healthy. It is important to have at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day for your body. The activities could be of your choice ranging from walking, dancing, sports, yoga, running, etc. Instead of a continuous 30 minutes, you can also break this up into 10-minute sessions through the day. But it is important to make sure you do some form of exercise each day to ensure you feel energetic, stay in good health and drink in up energy drink to keep yourself hydrated. It also helps balance the chemical in your body and mind and fight anxiety and depression. Regular exercise could be a great way of improving your immunity naturally. It also tires out your body which will enable you to glide into a sound sleep easily.

Physical activities are a method of detox for the body. This is also applicable for the skin as we observe our skin looks clear and healthier after the regular workout. Apart from breaking into a sweat, exercise also ensures there is reduced inflammation in the body and helps bring balance to the hormones and prevents free radical damage. The arteries located near the skin open up and bring more blood to the skin which makes it look radiant and also heal the damage caused by environmental factors. It can also help you get the gorgeous hourglass figure of your dreams that you would achieve only from steel boned corsets otherwise.

4. Beware of the sun and pollutants: Sunlight is essential for our body to extract the Vitamin D which is necessary for healthy functioning of all the organs. Excess sun exposure especially going out without any products to protect your skin can be harmful and can cause severe damage to your overall health. The time between 10 am and 3 pm is when the rays are the strongest and it is important to take precautionary measures before you step out during this time. Also, a cloudy day does not necessarily mean you are protected from the sun rays. The UV rays cause damage to the skin cells along with causing dehydration and other such problems. Similarly, environmental pollutants and dirt also damage the skin cells and excess accumulation will make the skin look tired and dull.

Importance of sunlight

Always ensure you step out in the sun only after application of good quality products such as Jan Marini sunscreen that has broadband protection. It should be capable of blocking both UVA and UVB rays and make sure the SPF factor is higher than 15. Apart from the skin your eyes also need protection and hence carry a pair of sunglasses that blocks a high percentage of the rays. Hydrate often to make sure your body has enough water to function normally. Similarly use masks, scarfs etc to protect your skin from exposure to pollutants.

5.Water, the magic potion to good health: Water is an ingredient that is barely given enough credits for how wonderful and healthy it keeps our body. Having the right balance of water in the body helps in achieving optimized functioning of various organs. Even the smallest sign of dehydration will slow down and also make these processes inefficient. Dehydration also has a huge toll on your skin. Badly hydrated skin looks dull and lifeless and no amount of moisturizing can bring the glow. The problem of low hydration is especially common during winters where we tend to feel less thirsty. But skipping on the minimum amount of water required by your body will expose it to damage. It will interrupt the natural detox process of your body.

Studies indicate that an average of 3-4 liters of water is essential for the body on an everyday basis. You should ensure to consume more water after workout, breastfeeding, during humid weather conditions, etc. Drinking at least 500 ml of water can boost your metabolism says study and this will ensure you stay healthy and fit.

6.The rules for alcohol, smoking, and drugs: The facts about drinking wine and its relation to heart health are definitely true. Alcohol can be beneficial to the body but only when consumed in moderate amounts. So, if you enjoy drinking then make sure you make it an occasional habit rather than consuming too much too often. And if you have never drunk before then there is no reason to start now. When it comes to smoking and drugs refraining from the same is the only way to achieve good health. Use of drugs alters the chemicals in the body and brain which will have severe effects on your overall health. Smoking has also been often known to cause lung disorders and cancer and hence stay away from such habits.

Consuming excess alcohol will also have huge effects on your skin. It might lead to dehydration that is visible in the skin. Habits such as smoking affect the quality of your skin and can also lead to early aging signs such as wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines etc.

7. Try to lead a stress-free life: Stress has become an integral part of our everyday lives and this strongly affects our body and mind. Not taking time in the day to relax and calm your mind and body will affect you in the long run. Stress can have a serious effect on the hormone balance which might disrupt the normal functioning of the various organs. This also has a severe effect on the skin where we can see breakouts and appearance of aging signs and dark circles around the eye.

Practice meditation or yoga and perform activities that will help you relax your body and mind. Take a break from your regular routine to travel and enjoy some time away from everyday stress.

These 7 easy steps will guide you to a healthy mind and body that will be visible through the flawless radiance in your skin.

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