7 Guide to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Special Without a Party!

Kids are very excited about their birthday and they want to make it grand every year. But it is parent’s responsibility to make them understand that it is not possible to throw a huge birthday party every year. Birthdays parties is all fun and joy but it harms our bank account as well as we it would cost us leave from work when the birthday falls on week days. So if you child is growing up you can make him understand why is it not possible to have a birthday bash, you can instead gift him a huge gift he is longing to have.

Thus here we have a 7 points guide to make your kid’s birthday special without a party.

1. Create anticipation of the day and its meaning

It would be very difficult to tell your child she is not having a birthday bash this year. You can instead say rather than inviting everyone for the party we would go for a picnic, take you to your favourite restaurant, and go shopping to buy you birthday dress and gifts. You can be a princess for a day wear a princess crown whole day long, we will get a Barbie cake and so many different cupcakes, we can order pizzas and go to your favourite restaurant in the evening, we will decorate your room, click some beautiful pictures and spend some quality time. You can make her imagine the day so that she wouldn’t complaint about the party but make sure you don’t exaggerate things and tell her and on the birthday you do nothing.

2. Go have an adventure

You would have spent so much money behind the party; instead you can go to mountains or beaches and spend some wonderful time together. You can involve yourselves in a sporting event or you can even go to a zoo, aquarium or have a family picnic. You can go camping in a jungle also. Engage your child in an adventurous activity which they have never experienced and make them fearless. Whichever activity you engage them in make sure you have taken safely measures. Your travel memories will stay etched in your hearts forever

3. Special Cake Surprise

Tell your child you couldn’t celebrate her birthday this year due to some reasons. We know how sad she will become. Then while she is asleep decorate her whole room, get her a beautiful birthday dress, a gift she wanted and an amazing cake she wished to cut this year. This would be the best surprise ever as she wouldn’t have expected anything but when she will wake up it would not be any less than a fairytale.

4. Make his/her favourite Food

If our tummy will be happy, we will be happy. Make a list of your child’s favourite food items and engage yourself and other family members to prepare those dishes for the birthday girl/boy. You can even involve your kid making the dishes as they will get engaged in making food so won’t think about anything else. You can have a nice family meal together also cut the cake.

5. Invite a friend or two along

This is a decent idea in comparison to inviting so many friends and making it extravagant. You can invite two or three which are their really close friends. You can take them out for lunch or picnic. And also spent a play date at home and keep a cake cutting ceremony. You can take them to game zone or for their favourite games or sports. In short you can let them do whatever they want to do on their birthday. If you are away on his birthday send birthday gifts and surprise him.

6. Let your Child decide

It’s your child’s day and he can be given right to decide or plan his birthday according to his choice. On your surprise they would say he wants to be with you and play. If your kid is in confusion them make a list of activities he can do and help him this way. You can give different ideas and at the end let him decide in which activity he wants to engage him in and then have fun.

7. Host a Family Dinner Together

You can host a family dinner and let your kid know how much loved he is in the family. Organise for some family games and have their favourite dishes on the dinner table. You can get a birthday cake delivery by ordering cake online and getting numerous options to select from.

It is not an easy task to organise a birthday party lot of effort and stress is involved in it, so involve in above activities and spend a memorable birthday.

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