7 Marvelous Lehenga Saree Color Combinations to Add to Your Evergreen Wardrobe

The ideal way to raise the heartbeat of the guests in a social gathering is to wield a lehenga saree. Believe me when I say that the best fusion of two ethnic wear a girl can have is this one. The elegance of the saree paired with the mischievous look of the lehenga is what you need to adore this season. In fact, the majority of the girls will definitely say that adding a saree-lehenga combo is the most evergreen thing they have done to their wardrobe.

The world of fashion is very dynamic. Everything changes so fast that it becomes hard to catch up with the newer trends and give up the older ones. This is why the ladies try to pull a more evergreen choice so that they can easily dress like a diva. A lehenga saree, in this case, is the dress that can kill. The lehenga choli and the draping are what make your style statement pretty louder than anyone present on the occasion. All you need is the right choices to make in a shop and build your own enviable collection. Let us talk about the elegance of a few color combinations and brilliant designs.

#Cyan and yellow embroidered georgette lehenga saree

Cyan and yellow

The designer pallu comes in a yellow color and the golden embroidery section is done on a cyan background. The contrasting color choice is fabricated in the design in such a way that you will look stunningly slimmer and adorable in this dress. The shimmering factor of the golden embroidery will attract the attention of the onlookers and you will be able to set to the floor on fire. This particular color combination is ideal for all ages.

#Pink and Olive green chiffon lehenga saree

pink and green

The olive green part of the saree becomes thicker as you go down towards the bottom part. It means that the design will give you a slimmer look by accentuating the bottom part. The cross-fading design is paired with an elegant pink floral design on the green saree. The drape is pink in color matching the vertical floral pink designs. The color combination of deep pink and olive green is for the ladies with a fair skin tone.

#Pinkish orange and sea green net lehenga saree

Pinkish orange and sea green

Hats off to the designer who has introduced such a wonderful color combination that no one could have thought. This remarkable color combination will surely make every girl on the floor jealous of your attire. The dress comes with an aquamarine or sea-green lower part with beautiful stripes of an orange and green combination. The design comprises of a flowing lower portion with a tighter fitting at the waist giving you the perfect hourglass look. The drape comes in a semi-transparent pinkish orange fabric. The blouse also has the same color but with golden embroidery at the neckline.

#Yellow and bottle green lehenga saree

Yellow and bottle green

This is rather a heavy designer work that you can add to your closet. The lower green part comes with a heavy embroidered design with a beautiful color combination. The yellow semitransparent drape is all that you need to look dashing. The blouse comes in the same green color. The entire design comes with a designer lace stitching at the end of the saree, pallu and the sleeves of the blouse.

#Turquoise saree and royal blue blouse combination

Turquoise and blue

This is a net lehenga addition to your wardrobe that will bring envy in the eyes of the other girls. The heavy embroidery on the turquoise and golden sections of the saree is what you need to make a louder style statement. This elegant design is then combined with a royal blue 3-quarter blouse with net sleeves. The blouse also has golden embroidery at the neckline. The lower half of the dress with a layered design is what makes it different from that of the other entries.

#Red and sultry black lehenga saree

Red and sultry black

This is probably one of the simplest yet boldest choices of lehenga saree that a girl will like to wield and drop jaws on the way. The saree comes with a clean darkest black color with golden laces at the bottom. The red pallu is made of netted material giving a semitransparent look. It can be paired with a black or a golden blouse. The simple color combination brings a slimming factor to your attire. Your skin tone will look two shades brighter in this dress.

#Blue and yellow combination

Blue and Yellow

This color combination is a bright one for the young girls out there. The simple blue and yellow combination is what you need for a glamorous look. The blouse contains a half-sleeve embroidery design to match with the elegance of the pallu part. The pallu has red designs made on a yellow background.

Here are the beautiful recommendations that you can try and make an evergreen collection for this season.

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