7 Things to do on Valentine’s Day with Best Friends

As January has already chilling out, can February be far behind? Of course, February is also knocking the door. With the New Year’s arrival, everyone has already started planning for the year’s first global celebration. It is nothing but the celebration of love, the Valentine’s Day. Not everyone has the love of their life on this Valentine’s Day. Here are some funny and exciting plans for the Valentine’s Day to spend with your best friends as well.

1) Friendship Dates

Friendship dates might be annoying for the couples around, but it is a fun activity. Call all of your gang and go to a restaurant to have a Valentine’s Day dinner party. If your gang is too big to fit in a restaurant, then order food home and party indoor. As you all have that light heart, enjoy some ‘Rom-Com’ to keep the mood light. Or you might plan for a Pajama party as well with food and drinks (if you are eligible). You can also go for a risky beauty mode as well where you and your friends wear a little different make ups for the night. Some of them might also try a horror marathon on your home theater with popcorn and cold drinks.

2) Host an at-Home Spa Day

When others will be busy impressing the lovers on this day; plan something for your larger than life group. Call them up for a gathering inside your home and give them a surprise. The surprise is a secret spa date. It is time to ‘love your-self’. So, on this day of love, show some love to your beloved self with proper self and BFF caring. A manicure followed b y a pedicure will be a good start off. Later the body massage with hair spa will be perfect Valentine’s Day comfort. End the day with a fruit facial spa to look as gorgeous as your soul. Do not forget to send them Valentine’s Day flowers to make them realize how special they are.

3) Go Shopping

Valentine’s Day is a day of sending and receiving gifts. So, shopping is one inseparable part of Valentine’s Day. Just the person for whom you shop differs. Others who have soul mates go for shopping for them. But you can shop for the lifelines of your life, your best friends. Buy some gorgeous cloths or token gifts of love for them. If they stay apart from you, send valentine’s day gifts online to their places. They will love it.

4) Board game party

Board games are usually very competitive in nature. But when you are parting with your BFFs on this day of love, it can be funny as well. You can choose the scrabble and monopoly as they are most popular. Apart from that, you can also play Cranium or Settlers of Catan. If it is a house party, a billiard board or a match carom board can also set your party mode on in the perfect manner. You won’t know how time will pass in enjoyment and happiness.

5) Go Dancing

Crash the dance floor of the most reputed club this Valentine’s Day, with your BFFs. As you enter any disco, you will find romantic couples around. Among them, you can enjoy your own time as you are with your frequency people. If you all feel little bored of the romantic songs, make the disco ring at home only. Play your type of playlist and dance your soul off on this Valentine’s Day. Send romantic gifts delivery to all your BFFs who complete the celebration.

6) Skating for Friends

As Valentine’s Day fall in winter in most of the countries, skating is a good idea to spend with your friends. If you know any nearby skating rink, go and have a pre-booking for all o your friends. Some of you might be the first timers in skating. They know they might fall, but they still will try. As they know they will be with their best friends, they will help them learn. But the kind of fun you get with your BFFs in celebrating Valentine’s Day is totally different.

7) Valentine Gym Class for Friends

Friends are always there for motivation and support. When others are busy taking oaths to be together, you can take this oath to be healthy together. As you join the nearest gym, make all your buddies also join you there. And make this unique thing start on this Valentine’s Day only. This can be an amazing Valentine’s Day gift as well.

Best friends never let you do silly things alone. Above are the best things to do on the day of love with your BFFs.

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