App Developers for Business Growth: A few IoT based illustrations that will Blow your Mind

When the IoT first embarked into the market, businesses indulged it into their daily operations for meeting their goals and perspective. Since then, it is being used at a wider scale for reaping out the benefits as targeted.

IoT aids organizations for making the decisions that are derived by the facts and helps in improvising the businesses security ecosystem. Well, the advantages delivered by IoT applications are uncountable and there are still many more lined up in the queue.

According to a report by International Data Corporation (IDC), it has been forecasted that IOT is expected to hike up to 18% and reach $100 billion till the year 2022.

It has been already analyzed by IDC that the users will spend 19% more in the automaton segment in the coming years. When we talk in perspective of health and insurance industry, the automation in these industries will continue to bloom.

To process further, the manufacturing and the transportation sectors are forecasted to reach up to $200 billion in just the same time period as stated above (the year 2022)

By these facts, it is all the way very clear that how much business can reap out benefits from the IoT. Let’s have a look at some examples in this context below.


The Amazon embarked with the aim of transforming the E-commerce industry worldwide. Combined with IoT it is all set to take the retail to a whole new level so as to improve its user’s quality of life.

The company introduced a remarkable virtual assistant called Alexa, a few years back since then it is being used to handle and execute plentiful tasks. It is also being used to adjust the light, the temperature of your AC and other devices just with your single command.

The use of such tools had helped the retailers to augment their standards for users. With the Alexa, the sales of the stores have escalated by 29% and are continuing to bloom with every passing day

By using the products such as Amazon Go, the users can purchase the products as required and can simply walk out. This type of shopping is completely dependent on cameras, deep learning, smartphones and enables automation in the right way.

Being driven by IoT, it permits the users to pick the products as required. Then all the process is being executed automatically. All the products are being analyzed by the system itself and are added in the cart and accordingly the payment is done from the verified payment mode.

Thus, the user has to just collect the items while going out of the store. Precisely, shopping is being made easy and a pleasant experience is delivered to the users as and when required.


Fujitsu’s, enterprise and tablets can be seen inclusive of IoT and are harnessing its power for delivering a sense of optimizations into its operations. With the application of IoT, the organization can now track the location and the status of the products and also help in lining them according to priority.

The organization is indulged into manufacturing the computers, and this year it has developed around 25 million of them. In addition to this is also builds customized devices as well, that works in corresponding to the company’s manufacturing model. Now in such a scenario, when some manufacturing defect is being detected, the devices are sent back to pavilion for making required corrections.

With the aid data that is being showcased by IoT sensors, the organization was able to identify the errors during the production or the shipments itself. What the IoT did is just, it identified the product with the help of a scanner and according to that, the product number is being generated.

That particular product is directly being taken to the factory for retesting. While working with IoT based system the company said that, it helped them a lot in saving a time and also help in getting rid of the heavy shipment costs.


Philips e-Alert devices are used monitoring the MRI systems and keep a track of it by sending instant messages and. It greatly helped the health care centers and service providers to enhance the quality of their services.

Philips e-Alert infused both the sensor technology and mobile messaging so as to respond to the problems of the patients associated with the MRI systems.

With the help of the Philips e-Alert infused, it gets very easy to identify the future downtime and according to that, an alert is being raised to fix it.  This way, it helped a lot in making the operations of the health care departments and also assist the doctors in delivery proper attention and care to the patients.

So, these were the few of the top organizations that use IoT for enhancing their business operation. Needless to say, they are saving a lot of time and money with the IoT apps and are delivering the security to its standards as well.

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