Amazing Diet Plan for Increasing Height At 18.5

Height is a matter of concern among the people of all age group. At the age of 18.5, basically we are engaged in different works, so we need a proper diet in order to make our body fit and active. As we know height completely depends on the genes. But at times, a balance diet and regular exercise can help you to increase your height. Sometimes our body fails to produce sufficient amount of human growth hormone and in that case if you take foods consists of nutrients will surely help you to increase your height.

If you are looking for an appropriate diet plan, then end your search here. We illustrate here the basic diet plan along with exercises and other activities which will help you to keep yourself active and fit.


  • Well Balanced Diet

Your daily diet comprises of essential nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals. As we know that food is the fuel of our body. So you need to take some healthy and nutritious food. Sometimes our body produces lower amounts of growth hormone and then by taking a balance diet we can fulfill the deficiency in our body.
Food like fresh vegetables and fruits contains immense amount of proteins, minerals and fiber. You can also take a glass of milk as it is enriched of protein. Chicken, red meat and fish are the super source of proteins and healthy fats which help you to achieve an optimum height.

Apart from this if you do the below mentioned things , then it will surely help you to boost up your height.


  • Regular Exercise:

If we do regular exercises, it ill keep your body fit and active and also boost up your height. There are some simple exercises which will stretch your body and due to which your body gains some vertical length in inches. You need to do the exercises in a proper and gentle manner. It is also said that doing regular exercise will stimulate the nerves which is directly connected to pituitary gland. This is the gland which is responsible for the secretion of human growth hormone. So, regular exercise will help you to increase your height even after the typical growth ages.


  • Go Out In the Sun:

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in human body. Basically it absorbs the excess calcium in your body. And as we know that the Sun is an immense source of Vitamin D. So, if you play in sun, or walk in sun then your body wills absorb the sufficient amount of vitamin D.


  • Get Adequate Sleep

A proper amount of sleep is always required to make you active and fit. Also, our body performs the function while we are sleeping. Even the pituitary gland secretes the human growth hormone while we are sleeping. At the age of 18.5 we need to sleep for 7 to 9 hours a day so that our body produces sufficient amount of human growth hormone so that our body will grow normally.

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