How to Become Successful in the App-Based on-demand Transportation Business?

Taxi business connects drivers and customers together to provide comfortable rides for user. Uber made a shift from the traditional taxi booking process. Exceptional services offered to customers with the help of Uber app made the users rely on Uber to make their trips. Entrepreneurs who have their own taxi business can save their time and earn more revenue with the help of a clone app like Uber.

Uber like app provides convenience to an entrepreneur to handle business effectively. The application is user-friendly, assisting the customer better in taking rides. Customers and drivers are connected in no-time with the advanced features in the app.

Ready-made solutions like Uber clone app can help in setting up the complete digital solution for the ride-hailing business. Since the business model and all the necessary features are integrated with the solution, it is easy to achieve success.

Admin Panel For Effective Business Management

  • As an entrepreneur, you can handle your taxi business with the help of an admin panel. Admin panel helps to control both the passenger app and the driver app. With the help of the admin panel, entrepreneurs can connect the drivers and customers more conveniently. Down below are some useful information about the admin panel.
  • Admins can cross-check the documents uploaded by the driver as per their company standards during the registration. The admin can also check the credibility of the driver once the requested documents have been uploaded. Also, there will not be any issues regarding security check-ups and paper verification with these in-built features.
  • The admin receives information about the count, duration, receipt of the trip. Admin can know about the drivers and user details with a simple search without any complication. The data stored is secured and will not get lost at any means.
  • The business organizer can track the earnings of the drivers per ride. The admin will also receive details about the commission they obtain per ride.
  • Admin has the feature of assigning a driver for the incoming request for a ride by the customer. The manager can provide trips to users based on the location of users and the availability of drivers.
  • A general survey in the mode of payment of the customer is essential to manage the business. The admin has the credential to view all sorts of payments like cash, card, and other mode and record it for future use.
  • Marketing of the app against other competitors is vital for business growth. The entire SEO settings can be managed by the admin and market their application efficaciously among the users.
  • Statistics and analytics records are significant to help admins plan and strategize the business they handle. Admin panel in the Uber clone app, helps admin to know statistics and analytics record.

Separate User and Driver app to provide the necessary functionalities

Users and drivers have different purposes and different needs considering the core usage. Therefore it will be a viable option to go with the separate app for them. Most of the ride-hailing apps in the market also follows the same. The major advantage of using a dedicated app is that you can integrate a number of core and advanced features to the app. This way you can bring up a better user experience to the app.

The new and unexplored features like tipping options, advanced overview on driver profile, in app chat between drivers and user, in-depth rating scales and options can improve the over all impression of the app.

Features to be used with the ride-hailing app

Passenger app

  • Signing in & advanced register options with social media logins
  • Detailed creation of profiles
  • Swift push notifications
  • Multiple payments
  • Automatic fare calculator
  • Complete ride history
  • In-app messaging option
  • Option to provide driver rating & review
  • Option to varied vehicle selection
  • Split payment with the friends
  • Unintrusive Tracking of the ride
  • Interactive map

Driver app

  • Easy registration
  • In-depth profile creation
  • Option to accept/decline the ride request
  • Complete passenger ratings & reviews
  • Push notifications
  • Exclusive reports
  • Easy pick-up & drop-off navigation
  • Complete trip history
  • Estimation of rides

Admin panel

  • Easy driver management
  • Dispatching and vehicle management
  • Payment management for all transactions
  • Complete ratings & reviews management
  • Dispute and complaint management
  • Earnings report
  • Full performance report

Dispatch panel

  • Complete fleet management
  • Easy to track trips
  • Manage service requests
  • Matching drivers & passengers
  • Reviews & feedback management


Ride-hailing services are in demand because of the increased need for commuting. Entrepreneurs who already handle taxi service business and the ones who are planning to start one can kick-start their work with an Uber like app development.

Results of initiation of Uber clone application in taxi business is positive and has reduced the burden of business management for many entrepreneurs. There is a consistent growth in the ride-hailing industry than their counterparts is the testimony of many business persons.

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