Employment and Salary Outlook for Doctors of Business Administration

Business administration is a versatile and rewarding industry to work in. People all over the world choose this lucrative and in-demand career every year, some even selecting online doctorate in business administration programs to expedite and tailor their educational experience to their own lives.

What are the outlook factors for this job? What can a graduate expect in regards to employment opportunities and salary in this field? Read on to find out – and find out how to get in on this career yourself!

business administration career

Employment Opportunities

The field of business administration is constantly growing. Projects and companies of all sizes and styles are looking for qualified management, and these organizations are constantly on the lookout for educated and understanding people to staff those positions. Over 750,000 business administration jobs existed in 2014 – in the almost five years that have passed since then, the number has only increased. For those searching for employment that is almost guaranteed after graduation, this is a great field to choose.

Salary Prospects

Earning potential in the field of business administration is solid. While the actual numbers will vary based on factors such as the geographical location of your employment, the industry in which you are performing administrative duties, and your level of experience, the median salary tends to be six figures or higher.

Business administration is one educational option that opens many doors in regard to career choices, so determining an exact salary projection for each individual student is difficult. However, you can rest assured that with experience gained through work in the field and dedication to your education, you’ll find great earning potential everywhere from human resources to healthcare to market management!

The Online Advantage

These days, attending traditional college classes isn’t the only way to get an education. Most people know that online and distance learning courses exist, but far fewer know that you can actually pursue higher-level degrees this way as well! Indeed, many schools of business and universities offer online doctorate in business administration and other degrees to help modern students make the most of their college years and get the instruction they need without compromising their busy lives.

If you’re interested in business administration, get started today! Find the perfect educational solution for you and begin working toward the career that keeps on growing!


Going into the field of business administration and wondering what your employment and earning potential will be? Look no further!

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