Corporate Catering has Now Assumed a Whole New Dimension

Food styles and serving decorums are now more varied. Catering in Melbourne is now more about adding value to what is served to the guests.With the Christmas season spelling out menus for party events, most catering companies are already experimenting with different food styles. With people now more aware of food and innovative cooking styles, thanks to cooking shows hosted by celebrity chefs, corporate catering in Melbourne is no more the old-school and boring affair. Caterers now rely more on creating numerous and novel food combinations by either infusing the traditional style with contemporary techniques or ensuring a twist in traditional cooking styles and recipes, thus, ensuring an altogether new level of aroma and taste.

corporate catering Melbourne

Adopting a personal approach:

Good cooking can be tasted, but not explained. This explains the need to focus on food taste and quality. However, as the famous adage goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” This justifies the imperative need to customise. The best tastes in the world may not appeal to all, which means that catering in Melbourne also includes focusing on the specific tastes of the guests attending the event and adhering to particular requirements before deciding on the final menu.

Choosing health over taste:

Food is all about ensuring good health and not deteriorating it. Fried foods and greased meat are now passé; the renowned catering companies have set the trend of giving healthy catering options to the guests who can relish and enjoy good food sans the fear of getting ill. Meat-free food options are now more in demand as more people now stress on the vegan and organic living styles.

Adopting global flavours:

The new bunch of caterers now mix and match myriad herbs and spices thus, lending a global spin to it. Be it using fragrant herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage from Provence to the sweet and spicy Indonesian tastes including brown sugar, peanut, and chili, caterers have now taken food to an all new level to brew up delectable recipes that satisfy even the most discerning palates and lend a tasty global twist to taste. The food menu is now a more international, interesting, distinctive and marked by a quirky flavour and individual twang.

Style matters:

Magazine covers are filled with images of various styling elements that chefs resort to taking catering to a whole new experience. The first impression is the last impression. Chefs know and understand this very well and hence have done with the banal art of wrapping sandwiches with foils. Today, styling is also about creativity – the art of decorating food and serving it in cutlery that only makes it more enticing. The kind and design of cutlery matter, which explains the unusual but handy patterns of cutlery that caterers use these days. Appealing dining styles add to space and its look. Catering companies no more look for flower-filled vases to deck up tables; instead, they style it with mouth-watering food served in unconventional and unprecedented styles.

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