Cute Ideas On How To Propose To A Guy Indirectly

Gone are the days when popping a proposal was limited to being a guy’s job! Times have changed and girls are now also steering the relationship to the next level, all on their own! While it may look a tad bit unconventional, why wait when you’re both on the same level of understanding? After all, your guy deserves to be pleasantly surprised too, doesn’t he? Be it grand romantic gestures or just simply asking it over text, we have some ideas that you would definitely love!

Proposal Ideas For The Lovestruck In You!

There are many ways that you can come up with for popping that lovely question that would mean the world to the two of you!  So we’ve come up with some cute proposal ideas to give your guy that amazing surprise!

How To Propose A Boy Indirectly In Chat

When it comes to proposing a guy in chat, it is all about the timing and the way you choose your words to express your feelings. Since you don’t have the benefit of actually being in front of them, you have to be extra careful about not your words not getting misinterpreted. On the other hand, you have the benefit of not actually being in front of your guy, so there’s no need for you to feel shy about anything! So start with a casual conversation, and eventually work your way towards more serious things, talking about your life goals and where the relationship is going for both of you. He’ll definitely get the hint!,rt-auto/2017/03/FB-flirt-with-your-crush-on-whatsapp.jpg

Get The Best Friend Involved

It is likely that your boyfriend discusses almost everything with his best friend, including you! So if you’re feeling shy about popping the question or are just looking for ways that he would appreciate it best, talk about it with his best friend. Chances are, that the best friend would most definitely convey your intentions to the right person, and he’d know what to expect from you! You can make it extra cute by dropping certain hints yourself!

Make An Effort

There is probably nothing cuter than you making an effort to personally get to know all the people who matter to him. So go ahead and make active efforts to know his family, particularly siblings if he has many. If you’re thinking of going the wedding way, then you would eventually have to bond with his family. Showing him that you’re doing this right now will give him a major hint!

How To Propose A Guy On His Birthday

Birthdays are super special, and what better way to give him an elaborate surprise than to ask them to spend the rest of your lives together? Our suggestion, throw him a surprise party, invite all his friends, have a great time together, and when everyone has gone and you’re left alone together, make the day perfect by asking him that adorable question!

Propose On A Dream Date

This one is our absolute best when it comes to proposing to a guy indirectly. If you’re thinking of popping the question, then you probably know your boyfriend well enough to know what his dream date would be like. Well, then go ahead and plan his dream date, right down to the minutest detail. If he doesn’t have a dream date in mind, then invent one for the two of you that celebrate the bond you share together. Get crafty with candles, dinner date, and dress your absolute best. End it with opening up your heart about where you want to take this relationship forward, he’s bound to appreciate it.

Be it popping the question yourself or giving him sufficient hints to show that you’re ready, these cute ideas will definitely give him all the inspiration he needs to say yes or to make that move!

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