Earnings of a Ghostwriter

Have you heard about ghostwriting books? If yes, then you may know that it is a booming field. If your answer is no, then now you will know about it and that to in detail. The advantage of self-publishing made the way for aspiring writers to get their writings published. Now, if you love writing and working with famous people without any complaint for pack schedule. Then, ghostwriting is just the right thing you need. However, the earnings here depend upon the worth of your words and your ability to crack a nice deal.

Know where you stand
The payment that a ghostwriter receives from writing a book simply depends of the following three factors.
●Writing experiences and quality of previous work
●Skills of price negotiation
●Position you hold in market

Ghostwriting has grown to a global market now and craft’s pay scale is rock bottom. There are websites like grabwriter.com or elance.com where this could be verified. Writing field is not different from any other field the ability and talents here also comes in variety. In case of writing for someone with common culture and language your position will be at journeyman level.

Draft a contract or crack a deal

It is advised to negotiate for flat fee in spite of getting paid on the basis of working hours. The person you are writing for may see per hour pay as a blank check. The contract that you have drafted should mention the following things-

●Number of revisions you will be doing
●Amount of research required for a particular content

The term of payment is highly negotiable. However, they are usually up front one-third, and halfway point for the other one-third. Final third is paid after the completion of piece you are writing. Never forget to mention how you will manage additional work that is not quoted in the contract. It is important to know the worth of your time; it should not be given away.

Terms of negotiation
Along with the negotiated payment you will get from the publisher or client, the contract structure also requires your attention. It is advised to quote an extra amount of money for the samples and proposal works you are providing. It is said that if you are good at something don’t do it for free. Just like that don’t provide free samples or add it up to the main quotation. In order to drive the deal in your favor it is important to make your terms clear. Clients or publishers often recruit as well as fire different ghostwriters during the time period in which book is written. In order to be safe from sudden insolvency or unemployment, it is advised to manage kill fees. If you will have kill fees at different work stages, you will get paid. However, your participation in the complete piece can still be eliminated.

What would be the pay scale?
The most important question, last but not the least is pay scales. You may be wondering that what the right pay scale is. Well, ghostwriters generally cover the pay scale ranging from thousands to multi thousand dollars. A beginner ghostwriter could easily quote an amount in the range of 6000 dollars to 10,000 dollars. Here book’s length also plays a key role, as you can’t ask ten thousand bucks for 100 page book. When the book length lies from 300-400 pages you can quote that amount. The pay scale also depends on the time given as well it includes research to writing everything. A fresh writer with some experience can get the pay scale that ranges between 10,000 to 15,000 dollars. The only condition is that his or her track record should be verified. On the other hand when a writer is fully experienced he can simply ask for pay scale that lies above 20,000. The union of writers in Canada has set the starting fee at 25,000 dollars for ghostwriting a book.

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