How Can You Easily Lose Weight With Taste?

Obesity among adults is skyrocketing every year. The causes can be genetic, lack of proper diet, lack of physical activity or even due to some medical conditions. We do not realize the number of calories going down our system in a day which leads to such crisis. We also need to consider some everyday habits which could be causing weight gain. Most of the times, the idea of dieting pops up to bring excitement but then loses its spark within a week or two because of all the boring food suggested during the process.

Then again, these ‘diet’ foods, drinks and artificial sweeteners which contain a high amount of sodium and sugar, fool us with false promises. There are tons of diet foods that make you gain weight instead of losing some. People’s perception is shifting towards striving to lose weight without giving up on the taste. The rule for the generation is to focus on ‘wellness’, more than dieting. Here are some tips to easily lose weight without sacrificing flavor.

Believe in Heavy Breakfast

heavy breakfast

Firmly believe in this habit, whether or not you want to lose weight. Our breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be nutritious and healthy without any necessity of giving up on tastes throughout the day. Skipping meals can make our body lethargic by the end of the day. The basic rule is to start heavy and end with less (a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and, light dinner). Your breakfast may include nuts, high-fiber cereal, low-fat milk, fruits, and eggs to fill your stomach well enough. Try to include protein in every meal. It preserves muscle mass and encourages fat burning.

Use Spices in Food

If we can satisfy our taste buds we are happy with a minimum amount of food. To keep our taste palate happy, spices like cinnamon, cumin can be additional flavor booster to your food. These will not only keep your taste buds happy but also reduce gas and bloating. In fact, spices can also aid in weight loss plans. Like ginger increases metabolism and fat burning. Turmeric aids weight loss and fat loss. Black pepper contains piperine which helps decrease body weight and inhibits fat cell formation.


Do Not Give up on Your Favorites

We all have that one favorite dish which is hard to ditch from our routine. You might be eyeing a beautiful white jumpsuit to purchase which doesn’t fit you right now. To attain that size and fit into it you must be giving up on a lot of favorites. You do not have to! Just lower down the amount. It’s all about our willpower to moderate what we eat and how much we eat. Instead of an entire box of cookies, eat just one. That will be enough to cheer you up without the necessity of any taste sacrifices.

Replace Sugar with Honey

Honey has more nutrient value than sugar and less processed as compared to the later. It has been in use as a sweetener since ancient times and is a healthier replacement of sugar. Honey is also easier to digest than sugar. Although, honey has a higher calorie count than sugar (64 calories as against 49), yet choosing the dark and raw variety of honey can be more beneficial. Also, your craving for something sweet can definitely be met with a tablespoon of honey instead of a snicker bar which contains around 270 calories.

Include more Fruits and Vegetables 

Snacking on fruits can be a healthier alternative. Also, instead of fruit juices which contain a lot of sugar, you can eat whole fruits that can be filling enough to last till your next meal. Fruits can also be an alternative for sweet cravings. An apple can be a healthy option to soothe hunger.

fruits and vegetables

If vegetables can replace a larger portion of your bowl of starch, you can easily cut down up to 100-200 calories. Leafy green vegetables are very beneficial in helping burn belly fat besides having high nutritional value. Both vegetables and fruits have a good amount of water and fiber which quantifies equally in making your stomach full as a substitute for any other dish having a higher amount of calories.

Opt for Go-to Healthy Eats

Opt for Go-to Healthy Eats

There are a number of healthy foods that we can eat guilt-free while on our process of losing weight-

  • Sweet potatoes that provide our body with vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, potassium, vitamin B6 are a way great to indulge in good taste. It can be mashed, added to soups, salads, or baked into sweet potato wedges.
  • Yogurt is also an appetizing alternative. Plain yogurt is full of calcium, protein and low in fat. Studies reveal some amazing weight loss benefits consuming fat-free yogurt.
  • If you are bored with chicken, try salmon. It is a highly rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and is low in saturated fat. Salmon can actually help you lose extra pounds.

Exercise Regularly

Why torture your tastes, if you can easily burn those extra calories from exercise. For a healthy lifestyle and to burn some belly fat, exercising regularly is a necessity. Include 30 minutes of physical activity every day, either early morning or late evening. You can walk, run or hit the gym wearing a comfortable Metroflex Arlington tee or any other workout wear, whichever suits your comfort. Both nutrition and exercise should complement each other in our efforts to lose weight.


Be a Slow Eater

The speed of consuming our food matters a lot. A study, done at the University of Rhode Island, came out with a statement that slow eaters consume fewer calories than speedy eaters. Other benefits of chewing more include better digestion, hydration and of course, ample satisfaction in savoring our meals. Take your time; allow your body to realize when it is enough. Therefore chew your food more and eat slower.

Weigh yourself once a week to keep a track of your diet plans. It’s not an overnight process. Metabolism differs according to the body. So, know what might be working and what not. Food should always taste good whether or not you are trying to lose weight. Shedding those extra kilos with taste can also give you a healthy lifestyle maintenance plan for lifelong. Eat smart, stay happy!


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