How To Do Digital Marketing in 2019 and Beyond?

A big part of modern period marketing is digital. Most of the consumers have now gone online and so do the businesses. Marketing requires the quantity of visitors in bulk and through online facility we can observe the requirements of consumers very well and can clear their queries quickly.

Digital marketing tactics and strategy include a series of action taken in order to achieve the goal of company. In order to attain it you need to apply all the tech methods available at present with great efficiency. To compete with our competitors in our present competitive environment you need to know first which digital marketing strategy will be more effective for you.

A productive digital marketing strategy will definitely enrich your business to a higher level. Here are some digital strategies which may be very helpful in 2019 as well as afterwards. Probably, you may know some of it Have a look at it and try to find out how many of you actually know about it in detail.

Types of Digital Marketing

1) SEO 

SEO makes your website easier for user and search engines to navigate easily by rearranging the links in proper manner so that user may fetch their information with great ease. It’s the most important for digital marketing. You can have SEO of your sites with some SEO experts they will surely help you in gaining your business.

Google now advocates HTTPs format  for SEO results as many pages using HTTP are not secure enough so users find it difficult to trust those sites.

SEO expert help you to sort out such issues of websites by updating the sites to HTTPS format.


2) SEM 

SEM is a paid search marketing in which businesses pay to Google to show their ads at the top of their search result. In this first you should research the keyword you should use for relevant business you can use Free Keyword tools for it.

For SEM we require an expert who can easily deal with the Google adwords. Google make their adwords easy to customize as per the requirements of the targeted audiences. They let you to have text based ads, youtube ads, search based ads and mobile based ads.


3) Local Search Engine Marketing 

Local Search Engine Marketing can also be termed as Local SEO. It deal with the business that we do with the customers face to face on the web in local searches for the person searching for the business like yours.

It’s going to run far as the local businesses have realized the need of interacting with the customers online in this digital world. The websites like “Google My Business”,  “Bing Places for Business”, Yahoo, Yelp and Facebook can be very helpful in local businesses. These websites allows the business owners to post updates of announcement or sales. Consumers can also get information regarding various events, products and offers. Customers can also post reviews which are very important for local businesses.

local seo

4) Content Marketing 

Marketing is impossible without great content even leading organization in the world like P&G, Microsoft and the Cisco system also uses content marketing for businesses. Content helps the users to know about the product or tell them about the type of business performed by the company. It’s written to gain the trust of the users.

For content marketing to perform a wonder business, content should be original, worth time consuming and informative for the customers which may solve the issues of the consumers. Mobile  content is also very helpful as 56% of global business is carried out using mobile phones. So, Digital advertising and the sites should be mobile friendly.

By using Black Hat SEO just to move at the top of search engines may not be fruitful for the businesses. Google have crawlers which can easily catch such practices may ban the sites.

Content marketing

5) Remarketing 

Remarketing is the method of targeting definite audiences through ads who may have visited your website before but not purchased or enquired about the products.

Google Adwords are used to make ads of text and images, Nowadays ads are also in video and animated form.

Remarketing is done by placing the websites searched by the visitors in cookies. Each cookies have Id which are added to required audience list if user meet the requirements then ads are shown to them. There may be multiple criteria for the list.

Remarketing helps in brand awareness, increase the business, can also gain the customers of your competitor by giving offers.


6) Responsive Web Design 

Responsive Web Design is the method of making the webpages friendly to all kinds of screen of mobiles, windows and many other equipments.

RWD  has become more important because more than half of the traffic of internet are through mobiles. This is the reason that Google notified mobilegeddon in 2015 and also rates the websites search on mobile higher than those on other devices.

Website can be made device friendly with the help of web designer and SEO expert.

Responsive Web Design

7) Email Marketing

Email Marketing have been very useful in increasing our business and is one of the most affordable source which one can use in digital marketing.

Messages promoting the products can be sent to a group of people and thus increasing sales and conversion rates.  You can also combine it with other media while promoting your products. You can also be user friendly.

Email Marketing

8) Social Media Marketing 

You must have posted your content on social media many times but what else you should do to make your content more productive in 2019.

You can use automation for the user to read your post while they are reading. Using tools like Hootsuite is used for scheduling your post.

You can use your expertise to curate your visitors by the post of your content. Also, you can use influencer for your content. Just promoting messages of your product would not work rather you would need to increase the awareness of your brand through your content.

Social Media Marketing

9) Marketing Automation 

Marketing Automation is one of the necessary requirement which is going to be very effective for your business. Almost every business requires automation at present because it helps the businesses to aware a large number of audiences about the product.

For achieving it you require CRM software with marketing automation built in. It will help the business to know to how many customers we have interacted. Your CRM would have all contact list which we can use to integrate our businesses.

Marketing Automation

10) Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is a great technique for marketers at present. It helps to increase the business by reaching to large population by the help of influencers.

It is not necessary that infuencer should only be a celebrity. It may be a person who makes videos on sites like youtube with a lot of followers or a blogger or a journalist. It may be anyone who influences large number of people.

For influencer you would have to do some researches on twitter, instagram and many other social networking sites and find out the person with great number of follower and what about them influences it.

Researches says that any product can reach to the customer with atleast ten times the followers which a infuencer have.

Influencer Marketing

11) Video Marketing 

Video Marketing have been more prominent at present for many businesses. Large number of audiences have started viewing videos with great content.

Marketers have started showing any events, life in company or life in any institute or product with the help of videos. Video SEO have become important for the businesses as it helps in attracting most visitors.

Video Marketing can be done on many sites like youtube, facebook, or instagram. As video marketing is personalised so it is also useful for many audiences.

While making videos we can take the problems of the person and by framing a story with the help of our video we can show the remedy of the problem as our products. There are many more stories you can make while framing Videos.

Video Marketing

12) Revisiting Your Landing Page 

Landing Page of your website should be attractive for the customers so that the customers may visit your site and take interest in it.

Landing page can be made attractive by web designing, you may also do PPC advertising to place ads for your sites.

CTA must be included at the homepage or at the end of your blog.

Landing Page

CONCLUSION – Digital Marketing is revolutionising due to enrichment of new technologies in the digital market you should follow the marketing techs by the help of experts so that you may benefit in your business. Make great content especially of video and follow all the 12 techniques of marketing above, it will surely prove to be boon for your company or for the business you are involved in this year and the upcoming year.

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