How to Use SEOZoom to Shape Your Digital Marketing

SEOZoom, launched in 2015 is Italy’s digital marketing suite with sturdy tools for the management of all activities related to search engine marketing and online promotion of websites through search engine. Till now more than twenty five thousand Italian businesses have used SEOZoom and now they have additionally expanded their software to provide data for websites in the UK and also by the end of the year it will enlarge further to United States by the end of the year.

It has a wide variety of tools in managing SEO, conducting competitor research, creating a content strategy, or writing copy, SEOZoom can help that in assisting digital marketers, site owners, analysts, and business leaders etc. A database of more than 1.3 billion keywords, 64 million domains and 3 billion URLs, SEOZoom can help you conduct all kinds of research.

Following are the 8 ways you can use tools of SEOZoom to reduce your digital marketing efforts.

Examine spending of your Google Crawl Budget

You can add any website as an SEO project to SEOZoom and tell you which content is performing well, the pages have no keywords aren’t ranking and have no visits. It’s key to monitor not only which pages are performing poorly because those pages are actually wasting your crawl budget.

SEOZoom in Researching New keywords

SEOZoom helps in researching and analyzing keyword tools, users can input a keyword, domain or URL. The user can select one or more sites and examine the ranking of those sites. You can also easily identify any industry trends, this will help you better prepare for spikes and declines in sales.

To Perform Competitor Analysis

SEOZoom can add up to hundred keyword and will help in finding top ten websites related those keywords. You can analyze domain vs domain and can also pit up to three competitor against each other to get overall traffic.

Create a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

SEOZoom has a variety of tools for creating a powerful content marketing strategy:

  • Editorial Assistant
  • Suggest keywords for your article
  • Synonyms
  • Niche
  • Keyword relevance analysis

I can choose the secondary keyword to target.

Analysing Top Performing Content and Getting Strategic Recommendations for Your Own Content

The top ten pages ranking for your keyword and gives back data that tell the word that appears mostly on those pages, using a modified TF/IDF as the average keyword density for each.

Empowering Your Copywriters to Create SEO-Rich Content

SEOZoom have editorial assistant to work on copywriter providing an SEO score giving insightful SEO recommendations based on the content. It has the ability of analyzing the competitors content in real-time, to find out relevant topics and phrases to use in your article. It provides an extra level assistant in optimising your article.

Sources And Use of New Interest in Your Campaigns

SEOZoom have a Interest Finder feature that helps in finding the high volume long tail keyword and thus helping in keyword research.

SEOZoom Time Machine

SEOZoom provides time machine feature that evaluates changes to the search engine result page over time comparing current pages to the older pages.

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