Get Guaranteed Strategies of Increasing Traffic through Live Chats

A live chat software provides an efficient and untapped communication channel for businesses. It is a non-invasive and passive way of reaching out to your customers in a bid to provide timely and targeted solutions and help. The platform allows visitors to your site to have a reliable outlet for their concerns, comments and questions. Live chats have immeasurable benefits to a business as it increases customer satisfaction. Did you know that 68% of the people who visit your website will reach out using live chat widget? 63% more will visit the site to buy again if it has a live chat option.

Live chat is also responsible for converting 20% of the visitors to customers.

  • Unbeatable Customer Service

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Customers like visiting website which are easy to navigate, have quality content and are customer centered. Live chat provides a seamless service to the customers. Customers get timely and important information when they connect to the company through live chat. Their issues are solved, and they are provided with accurate information to guide in their decision making.

Websites which provide such quality service have a positive reputation and their reviews are good. This is one of the ways that they attract visitors. When one makes a purchase or orders for a service through the site, they are likely to return again due to high customer service. The company can combine retargeting and live chat to generate more traffic to the site.

  • Inspiration for Blogs

When companies read the issues discussed during chats, they may decide to write blogs to shed more light on the issues. This will attract visitors to the site as they seek more information on various issues. Quality content will lead to more backlinks. The more quality backlinks there are in a website, the higher the ranking and the more the traffic to the site.

  • Power of Keywords

Customers use very specific words when engaging with the care agents. Some terms used are high demand keywords. If the chats are saved, the website can be accessed through the keywords provided by the customers. Some companies use the questions or concerns raised during chats as valuable information on the frequently asked questions section on the website. This saves time for customers looking for answer for some common questions. Faster solutions attract more people to the site.

  • Effortless Convenience

When you think about it, most services are available online be it payment options, booking a service or paying for a product to online courses. Apart from placing the services online, companies use live chat plugins to ensure the customers access the products with ease. For customers who want to know more about the service or product, they engage the company through the live chat.

For prices, follow up on an order or any other information the chat provides a convenient way of accessing the services. It the chat eliminates the issue of pending issues. This is because they solve challenges once and for all through the chat. More customers are therefore likely to recommend the company to others due to the convenience of accessing service or products and ready help at all times.


A website should not only showcase its services but it should provide necessary information to enable customers to make an informed decision. Having live chat plugin guarantees fast, accurate and reliable way of providing essential information. Customer concerns and questions are answered immediately thus eliminating doubt and providing timely solutions.

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