Know Everything About Call of Duty Mobile Aces Esports Challenge

call of duty mobile aces esports

Digital company Jio & mobile chip-maker Qualcomm CDMA Technologies to host online shooting game “Call of Duty Mobile Aces Esports Challenge”. Call Of Duty is an esports and rival of PUBG which is currently banned in India.

Rajen Vagadia, Qualcomm India president and vice president, said in a press meet that mobile gaming is one of the fastest developing sections in India, around 90% of the gamers in India are utilizing their portable as their essential gadget for gaming. So, they wanted to collaborate with brands like Jio which completely understands the growing demand for esports and the opportunity to invest in this huge market.

With 404.1 million subscribers JioGames esports platform is going to make esports a household name for people in India. Their platform won’t just play host to esports competitions but also offer to prepare and experience improvement tips to expert, fan, and sprouting gamers.

The tournament going to be held highlights both solo and 5v5 team players with the winning amount of Rs. 25 lakh. The registration for the first e contest has already been started for both Jio and non-Jio users. Both the users can participate in the upcoming esports challenge by registering here for free. The last date for solo registration is April 11 and that of 5v5 team plays is April 30. Qualifiers match will be held on June 11 whereas finals will be held on June 20.

People can also watch the matches live on JioTV, Esports HD channel, Facebook Watch, and YouTube JioGames channel.

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