Know the Different Types of Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases, primarily the coronary heart diseases like heart attack and stroke, are a leading health concern. A majority of the people suffer from high blood pressure and obesity, two of the leading causes of heart diseases and death. Symptoms such as breathlessness, pain or numbness in left arm and shoulder, and pain in the chest require a full-checkup by a specialist for a complete checkup. All major hospitals and health clinics offer the most advanced cardiovascular treatment in Los Angeles.

Whether or not you are suffering from any one of the symptoms mentioned above, here are a few types of cardiovascular diseases you should be aware of:

Basics of Cardio Vascular Disease and its Types
Cardiovascular disease is a class of disease that involves narrowed or blocked blood vessels. The narrowed vessels hinder the flow of the blood and oxygen to the heart becoming the primary reason for causing a heart attack. Here are a few life-threatening diseases you should be aware of:

Coronary Artery Disease – The most common heart disease occurs when one or more of the coronary arteries become narrowed or blocked. As mentioned above, this results in the decreased blood flow to the heart. This can lead to pain or discomfort in your chest, shortness of breath, heartburn, weakness and a few other symptoms. However, you need a doctor and a full spectrum of tests to know how far the disease has advanced.

Peripheral Artery Disease- It is a common circulatory problem in which the arteries are narrowed in the legs, stomach, heart, and limbs. This results in painful cramps in one or both of your hips, thighs and calf muscles. If you have any symptoms of PAD, then you should immediately consult your family doctor in Mission Hills for diagnosis and treatment.

Carotid Artery Disease – Carotid artery disease refers to the narrowing of carotid arteries resulting in a decreased amount of blood flow to the head, face, and brain. Some of the common symptoms of the carotid artery disease are a sudden weakness in face or limbs, loss of vision, blurred vision and difficulty in viewing. Once again, do not self-medicate and consult a specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

As is obvious, most of the diseases related to the heart arise from narrowed arteries which disrupt the flow of blood. The risk factors include age, high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, insomnia, and diabetes. You need to reach out for the best Cardiovascular treatment in Los Angeles and opt for clinics which offer the latest therapies to help you fight, manage and overcome the disease. Heart specialists will also recommend you to change your lifestyle, and even if you are not suffering from heart diseases, these healthy habits can prevent the onset of the diseases.

Prevention of Cardiovascular disease and leading a healthy lifestyle

Just following these tips can lead you to a healthy heart and body:

Avoid using tobacco – Tobacco plays a vital role in triggering cardiovascular disease symptoms in adults. The chemicals present in tobacco can be damaging for your heart and blood vessels.
Exercise to prevent heart disease – Regular exercise and leading an active life can help you tackle the chances of developing heart diseases.

Adopt Heart-healthy diets- A diet friendly to the heart can help you reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Consuming omega-3s, fruits like berries, oranges, papaya, and vegetables like spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. can help you reduce the risk of developing heart diseases.

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