Real Estate Property Investment Series: Focus Dubai 2019

Dubai is a young market for various properties. It has gained high attention from real estate developers and investors from the past few years. The reason is the easy access to the property in Dubai even for the foreign buyers and has an active off plan of residential and commercial properties. The property here also provides a perfect market for resale and rental providing best return on investment for investors. Due to this, off plans projects in Dubai are the primary preference investors from different corners of the world. Here is a clear view of the prospect of the real estate market of Dubai in 2019.

off plans projects in Dubai

At the initial stage when the Dubai property was sold to the foreign investors as a freehold, it gained attention from the investors as the property was available at a low price. The property is in high demand among the people working in Dubai from different countries. With this, both expats and investors continued the sale and investment cycle of the property. With this, investors have made a huge profit from the off plans property in Dubai.

Dubai is the reason that property is the most preferred option to invest among investors. In 2019, it is noticed that people are paying the deposit for the new projects and the incomplete units to enjoy the best return when they are completed. It is also noted that people who have invested in high rise projects and waited until all the units are sold have gained the best return on the property. This is a simple concept, once all the units are completed, the demand of the units rise and result in the best profit. Thus, even in a short span of time, property in Dubai is capable to provide the best profit.

As per the real estate market experts, profitability will not continue in the long run as the rate of the properties is high. Investing in the off plans Dubai early will lead to a genuine profit and will soften in the years to come. Investors who avail this approach will actually gain the best profit from their properties. 2019 is the right time to invest in this property and is expected to see a weakness sign in years to come.

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Resale and rental real estate prospects in Dubai:

Even with the increased number of investors and the high rise of the property, the reseal and rental of the offplans property, market will remain good in 2019 and in coming years. Basically, there is a constant demand for the property as per the introduction of new investors and buyers who wish for a perfect residential property for their family. Over 5,000 families move to Emirates each year and they need a home on rent or purchase as per their budget. This definitely provides a perfect market for property resale and rental. As each family and individual requires perfect accommodation, investors will definitely get a good rent and resale of the property in Dubai.

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