How to choose a great composite material for traditional and industrial kitchens with Caesarstone

Products that are made by combining multiple substances are known as composite materials. Composite materials are generally man-made and owe their existence to persistent techniques and innovation that result in products that are far superior to those found in nature for particular reasons, in order to achieve a specific purpose. When it comes to stone surfaces, natural stones such as marble, granite and limestone are a fantastic option to consider due to their strength and endurance in applications in kitchens, bathrooms and floorings. Having said this, natural stones vary in sizes, pattern and colours. They also have different maintenance requirements depending on the type of stone chosen for a given use and purpose. This makes potential user’s research about the different uses and suitability of these stones which may take a little bit more work than they originally planned for which created market demand for stone materials that look just like natural stone but are highly versatile for all types of applications including kitchen worktops, vanity tops, walls and splashbacks as well as in floorings.

Caesarstone is one of the most popular composite material manufacturers and an original creator of composite quartz intended for the use in interiors. The brand offers a wide range of products for almost every budget and practically covers every need you can think of, in areas of a house that require beautiful yet sturdy surface materials. Be it a traditional, contemporary, modern or industrial kitchens; the brand offers many options to help homeowners create their dream designs.

With so many options available, it is may be at times difficult for the potential buyers to make the right decision when trying to select not only the material with the right look but also the correct type for their kitchens. If you too, want a composite material from Caesarstone but are baffled with the options, the below tips can help choose the design and material:

  1. Colour of the stone

Decorating trends change regularly. While kitchen remodelling can be fun, you’d not want to replace a key element in the kitchen such as the worktop every few years. It is therefore probably better to stick to a neutral colour scheme or something that is versatile and can easily match other colours, materials, and patterns. Tones and shades in whites and greys are in vogue in 2018 partially for this reason.

If you working on an industrial kitchen design, Caesarstone offers a great range of concrete-looking materials such as Caesarstone Raw Concrete that completes traditional and industrial designs by offering a light-to-mid grey quartz stone that resembles the look of concrete in construction with a products without the needs of sealants and very little maintenance.

For traditional kitchens, some great options in bold designs such as would be Caesarstone Wild Rice, White Attica, and Woodlands.

2. Edge profile

Most of the homeowners do not consider the edge profile of the stone surfaces at the time of buying. While the edge profile might look like an unimportant factor, it can have a significant impact on the overall function and design of your kitchen. Irrespective of whether you have a traditional, modern or industrial kitchen; the edge profile can affect the overall decor.

Ensure that you select the right type of edge, once you have chosen the colour of the composite material which should complement the cabinets, furniture and other elements in the kitchen. If you have modern cabinets, you can choose a colour such as Caesarstone Fresh Concrete as a stone composite material with a flat or bevelled edge as they maintain clean lines throughout. Bullnose edges work best with traditional decor.

3. Overall design of the kitchen

You also need to consider the overall design of your kitchen to pick the right Caesarstone composite quartz. If you have a soft and subtle setting in your kitchen, go for a colour and design that matches the softness of the decor. Similarly, contemporary interiors match best with bright and exciting colours.

Caesarstone Rugged Concrete can be a great choice for subtle industrial kitchens while other options such as Chocolate Truffle, Tuscan Dawn, Crocodile, and Brown Agate are great for contemporary interiors.

4. Functionality

The way you use your kitchen and all the different things that you do in it should also be taken into consideration when selecting a worktop material. Since the surfaces by Caesarstone are highly durable, versatile, and functional, you should also consider the impact of daily activities such as like cutting, baking, placing food on the surface as well as the maintenance and cleaning requirements of the surface.

Caesarstone Sleek Concrete is a great choice for modern kitchens looking for a simple yet trendy option. The surface is stylish, durable, easy to clean and can easily withstand most challenging of kitchen applications.

5. Budget

Budget is a paramount consideration at the time of selecting a quartz worktop for the kitchen. Products from Caesarstone are available across a wide price range starting at similar prices than good quality wood, for products that will be there for decades if looked after minimally. The best thing you can do is to carefully analyze the factors mentioned above and then pick a surface that best satisfies these, whilst ensuring that they fall within a reasonable budget too.

Composite materials from Caesarstone are popular among homeowners as well as with industry professionals including architects and interior designers, as they offer a host of benefits over many of the traditional materials including granite, marble or limestone. If you are planning to redesign your kitchen, these are some things that you should take into consideration.

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