What are Some Common Types of Ladies Underwear?

Underwear is perhaps the most important items in the wardrobe of girls, though most of us choose not to speak much about them. These intimate forms of clothing are as important in our daily lives as the air we breathe in. Choosing the right kind of comfortable underwear is of utmost importance since it can help you achieve the perfect look and also add oodles of confidence to your personality.

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In this article let us take a look at some basic items that all women must have in their closet.

1. Boyshorts

Designed to look like men’s briefs, boyshorts come in rectangular shape and offers a modest shape to the female body. These are much unlike the conventional panties with a thong like base that offers total coverage to the bottom as a whole and covers the sides and the front too.

Boyshorts are ideal to cover your bottom and hips so that you can achieve a nice shape while wearing a skirt or a flowy dress. In case your skirt or dress gets lifted up accidentally, boyshorts can save you the embarrassment by safeguarding like a pair of hot pants.

2. Bikini

Bikinis are typically characterized by the slim sides and a leg line that comes with a higher cut. The back coverage goes up till your hips making it appear like a crossover between a thong and a brief. Bikinis offer a gorgeous silhouette with the optimal coverage. Go for bikinis if you want a smooth seamless finishing to your body hugging outfit.

3. Thongs

The thongs or the G-string panties are the best items that eliminate visible panty lines, courtesy the thin strip of fabric that runs up your back. Although wearing a thongs or G string might not be the most comfortable experience but investing in one of good quality can be useful at times. When you decide to wear body fitting clothes to a party, thongs will be exactly what you need to rule out those unwanted lines and creases.

4. Classic briefs

If you are looking for the comfort underwear that come with a high waist band and are designed to offer maximum coverage, briefs are bound to be your best pick. They might not come in designs that are too tempting, but briefs can sure deliver the much needed comfort in trying times. These are every girl’s basic go-to underwear items that are hassle free and tested for comfort.

5. French panties

Many women still swear by the French cut panties for regular wear or even for occasional use. Although these offer coverage similar to the classic briefs, but their design is a tad bit more stylish. This is what makes the French panties so endearing to all women.

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